lundi 5 mars 2012

Un an déjà...

Il y a un an, on quittait Ushuaïa...

trop chargés...

dans un vent de folie...

attaqués pour la première fois par une bande de chiens...

On faisait nos premiers kilomètres à travers la terre de feu!!!

Ce n'était que le début...

Wow, un an déjà!

Euh... On repart quand??

Merci encore à tous ceux qui ont rendu ce voyage possible, à ceux qui ont attendu, à ceux qui nous ont acceuilli, à ceux que l'on a rencontré, à ceux qui ont assuré au boulot pour nous...

J'ai bien peur que l'on prépare déjà une récidive un de ces jours!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello!
    Miss the Carretera Austral, sought news of people who were there at the same time as us.
    Then we found you!
    We meet with you from Puerto Bertrand and Villa O'higgins. Quickly talk (while Gab was sleeping peacefully) and continue each with our ways.
    That night you found Ezechiel and Delphine and were in an abandoned house.
    Me and Cris (my wife) slept at the home of carpenters (only place with a wood stove) and the next day we find Ezechiel and Delphine again.
    Step here to leave a big hug and thank the reports of his blog that reminded us of the great stories of March 2012.
    You three are a great and beautiful story.

    Irineu and Cristina (fron Brazil)

    1. Hi Irineu and Cristina,
      Wow, nice suprise to read your comment after so long!! Yes, I remember you very well. It was raining so much that day... my God! We met again with Ezechiel and Delphine in North Argentina, it was nice!
      We miss the road too... still dreaming of going again...
      lots of love to both of you. All the best!